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Our organization finds its fundamental purpose in promoting the New Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom. This statute is best understood as an addition to its more celebrated counterpart, which was written by Thomas Jefferson and enacted by the state legislature in 1786. The new statute has no intention of laying aside the foregoing legislation and fully agrees with its original purpose in disestablishing the Anglican Church and rejecting a permanent place of privilege for any fellowship or system of belief in the Commonwealth. The new statute only wishes to supplement rather than change or detract from the wisdom of the former law. It finds the need to update the provision and extend the message of liberty because the times have changed - just as the statute’s author anticipated long ago. In our age, religious liberty finds its greatest antagonists within the secular forces of society, not from any specific religion or Christian denomination. Today the threat to liberty comes from a secular hegemony that seeks to erect an absolute wall against religious ideas, symbols, and rituals, create a god-less government, and relegate religious people to the confines of a private fellowship or a position of lessening influence in society. Our organization believes that religious people have a full constitutional right to participate in the public forum, and express their points of view within the limits placed upon government in a free society. We recognize the right of all people - religious and non-religious - to have a public voice and a just representation in tax-supported institutions. We urge the General Assembly to pass the New Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom and support this fundamental right in the future.


Moses at the Supreme Court
A relief of Moses and his law facing the justices at the Supreme Court.

A stained glass window in the chapel of the US capitol depicting George Washington praying.


Our organization has no interest in promoting a specific agenda, beyond the commitment to all people and their just representation in society. It does not align itself with any political party or religious group. It does not promote any religious concept or symbol for consideration in the public domain. It merely wants to free the people of Virginia and let them decide how to interpret or display their faith in public, apart from the capricious nonsense of secularists, who engage in arbitrary acts of censorship; i.e., labeling some matters as “secular” and others “religious” without any justification, and then proceeding to erect their wall. We find religion an indelible aspect of life and reject any attempt to disregard its importance or inhibit its people from fully participating in the process.

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